ALLCapture 2.0

Excellent tool for capturing your screen in real time


  • Simple video capture
  • Lots of effects and graphical aids to apply
  • Easy-to-use editor


  • Doesn't support a full range of video formats

Very good

Creating video tutorials is a great way of demonstrating how to use your piece of software or providing friends and colleagues with details of a particular function within an application. ALLCapture is designed to make the process of producing your own videocasts all the easier - and it doesn't do badly at all. You simply need to specify the part of the screen you wish to record before starting the recording process. After the desired actions on the screen are captured, ALLCapture opens the video in a standard digital editor. You can then quickly chop and change unwanted passages or alter the sequence of the transmission. Audio comments or mood music can be added using the software with just one click.

In addition you can buff up the video tutorial with ALLCapture. Through the use of speech bubbles or digital notes you can tie more succinct explanations to your clips. Special tools like the so-called Rubber Band or Spotlight effect can also be used to emphasize certain cutouts graphically. Exporting the file as a video is a simple process and although it doesn't support a huge range of movie formats, you can output the file as an executable.

ALLCapture proves to be a very useful assistant for the creation of video tutorials and clips of what's happening on the screen. The software is clear enough to be used for beginners, who can achieve great looking results with minimum brainwork.

Record your screen in real time and create your own demos, software simulations and tutorials in just a few minutes! You can record the entire or just parts of the screen as well as audio at the same time and work on it afterwards (f. ex. adding balloons or other text objects as well as audio and usefull elements). The demos can be generated in the formats of Flash, Exe, Windows Media Player, MPEG streams etc.

Take a look at what ALLCapture has to offer:

  • It is possible to record audio at the same time as capturing desktop activities
  • Extremely user-friendly software; no previous programming knowledge is required
  • PowerPoint presentations can be recorded and converted into flash-files
  • ALLCapture compression allows to create very small videos
  • Vast selection of output formats: Flash, Exe, ASF, MPEG for DVD, SVCD and VCD

ALLCapture can be used quickly and effectively to create product presentations, e-learning opportunities for employees and provide online and offline tutorials/courses for students at Universities. In addition ALLCapture is ideal for helping to explain software and websites.



ALLCapture 2.0

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